Haven't been on here in a while...

it's good to be back! :P I feel like I'm in a nursing home atm. 3 women over 50, complaining about aches, pains, exes, disability and…
AllBabesRWolves Jun 19, 2013


I don't know what the heck I did in my past life, must've been puh-retty bad, because I'm as sure as sh*t paying for it…
AllBabesRWolves Mar 16, 2012
100 0508pic
AllBabesRWolves Jan 28, 2012

Cell phones creep me out. There, I said it.

I don't know what I find more disturbing; The brutal acts of violence and hate taking place all around the globe or the "phone crazies"…
AllBabesRWolves Sep 21, 2011

Awkward Situations

We all have that one person in our life that enjoys dredging up the past, more specifically they like to (as my grandma would say)…
AllBabesRWolves Sep 03, 2011


Mexico:  Water turns into diarrhea.   Texas:  Diarrhea turns into water. Simple enough!  Man, and I thought well water was foul. I foresee a lot of drunken tourists and/or…
AllBabesRWolves Aug 22, 2011

I Heart Street Style

19 new pics
AllBabesRWolves Aug 14, 2011

The 4th Season of True Blood...

is just awkward. I mean really uninteresting (at times). They refuse to kill off any of the main characters. It's become a lot like Star…
AllBabesRWolves Aug 14, 2011


Ha! Uh? Oh.
2 new pics
AllBabesRWolves Aug 09, 2011

10 year old fashion model

http://fashionista.com/2011/07/is-this-gorgeous-10-year-old-french-model-the-next-big-thing-or-is-it-just-creepy/ I kinda thought it was cute, until I realized something. This isn't a little girl just playing dress up in her mommy's clothes. She's on…
AllBabesRWolves Aug 04, 2011

If time zones had faces...

...I would punch them ALL!
AllBabesRWolves Aug 03, 2011

dreaminglad - JODY'S HOUSE - blogTV

JODY'S HOUSE Come on in and pull up a chair! Just keepin' it real, a Guy and a Guitar, hoping I can make ya smile…
AllBabesRWolves Aug 02, 2011


Mixed memories locked away, absolute sanctionCracked, crumbling from your adverse reactionMy touch, it must burn, makes you volatileIts no wonder you can only stay for…
AllBabesRWolves Jul 25, 2011


Twice, the blood has flowedThe red velvet suit made the bad man implodeThe whisky bear clouded my skillsYet, saved my life with it’s ratatat-tat survival…
AllBabesRWolves Jul 25, 2011
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About Me:

"The heaven's gave way to a molten bloody clot, down came an angel, such cantankerous rot..."

A fan of all things beautiful, that which catches my eye, and makes me forget how to breathe.

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I dwell within me, I have trouble with social situations (especially with the small town/close-minded people I live with), So like millions of other people I write secret thoughts feelings daydreams/fantasies and muddled opinions

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A little bit of everything and a lot of Punk: Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards Anti-Flag Descendents Green Day Guttermouth Pennywise Rancid Retching Red Tilt The Lawrence Arms The Lower Class Brats The Distillers Flogging Molly X Devotchkas X-Ray Spex etc.

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& in no particular order: Billy Madison Dan In Real Life Donnie Darko JUNO LABYRINTH LEGEND Semi-Pro The Dark Crystal The Princess Bride WILLOW Anchorman Equilibrium Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist Kick-Ass, Anything on IFC or Sundance, old school Tim Burton Films

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Celebrity Ghost Stories, Cold Case Files, House is okay, Im a cartoon junkie on BlogTV, TRUE BLOOD The Office Adult Swim CSI:NY CSI:Miami Flight of The Concords The Mighty Boosh NAT GEO DHC Most Evil Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal Man Vs, The First 48, Unsolved Mysteries, Wild Survivorman and old reruns of Jackass Wildboyz & Viva La Bam

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Anything by Stephen King (Faves so far: Needful Things & Desperation) Bizarre Non-Fiction like Oddballs And Eccentrics by Karl Shaw Fantasy Misc, Occult and poetry by anyone & everyone (especially Emily Dickinson & Robert Penn Warren)

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